Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hello everyone. Our blog, etsy shop, and everything else is all set up, FINALLY! Our etsy website is we would love for you to check it out, and invite ALL your FRIENDS to take a look, also.

Right now we only currently have very cute, unique burp rags!
BUT within the end of the week we should be adding in more items!


Baby blessing/christening gowns

♥ Baby jewelery

 Baby play mats/bags

 Jewelry for the mommy's

♥ Thinking about doing shelves and picture frames.

 Toying with the idea of cute appliqued purses/diaper bags.

Please check back often, as we hope to be
frequently adding new items and unique ideas! Hope you like what you see and let us know what you think! PLEASE!?

Want to purchase anything??
We prefer you let us know through blogger(this website) than ordering on etsy because there are no fees, but whichever will work.

Thank you everyone! Have a
GREAT week!!


Laura Blue said...

first off, love the name "knot sew shabby" it's adorable. second... you guys are going to get good business cuz your stuff is amazing!!! i have been trying to think of something other than crafts and scrapbooking stuff to do. baby stuff is a great idea! i want to buy some of your burp cloths the next time i have a baby. they are so amazing!!! anyways, can't wait to see what other baby stuff you crafty young women come up with. i can't wait!

Becky Gurr said...

allright kels! leann is fired and you are the manager now! lol. i checked out etsy and this blog and was just relieved and stopped stressing out about it because you did an AWESOME job. wow! your descriptions on etsy and everything are perfect. so thanks.i hope sam didn't mind a MIA wife for a while. lol. thanks sam!! :)

Mi Piace said...

My favorite is the boy alien ones and the cupcakes!! LOVE EM'!!!

You should totally do the blankets like mom made for nanna that had the worm crawling up it!! create some new ones like that!!

goodluck with your new idea!

Laura Blue said...

aww... you fired lanny. how sad. lol i'm glad that job got done though. so kels... as the manager; my friend Amy Juhaz has a crafty blog that she does a weekly spotlight person. If you're interested in being the spotlight for next week... search my friends and find the juhaz family and leave her a comment. don't know how much traffic she gets on hers, but it's one more. you should talk to her about it. so yeah! good luck with everything

Mi Piace said...

the "not so great" 1% is from my husband....just so you know. He thought he was being funny.

Yee said...

Wooo!!!!!! If you guys need any help in anything im glad to come over and help :) i need someone to teach me how to sew also ^^ It's open!!! wooot!!

Tacey said...

Hi Ladies!

Your stuff is fabulous. Your mom was so cute telling me about all of the things you (and she) are making and selling. I asked her for the site, I said is it .com or blogspot? She said oh, I don't know. I don't know that computer stuff. So Cute. Anyway way to go you gals are super talented!