Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, I am just so amazed and shocked. We have sold almost 70 crayon bags total! I can not believe it. When we first started figuring out the pattern and making it up as we went, and then put them on etsy, we didn't think they would be anything huge. They took almost a month to start "taking off." Then out of nowhere they just would sell by two's. Etsy so is so much fun and so addicting!

We at first were doing stuff everybody else was making and selling, and didn't do very good at all. Now that we have our own unique design that no one else has, it is just crazy!

We have our next show coming up soon, and then I think after that show we are going to do a fun Christmas give-a-way! So stay tuned for that!

Have a wonderful week everyone! I am so excited for Thanksgiving. All our family will be here! They are all going to come into town and we are going to have so much fun catching up and seeing how fast the nieces and nephews have grown!

In case I don't update by then, HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!