Saturday, March 14, 2009

GIVE A WAY--our biggest one yet!!!

Who wants to win our most popular item in our shop right now? We have sold many Quiet Books and I know you ALL would just LOVE to win THIS:

(read the rules here first!)

Over at HELEN'S other blog,
A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study, she is having a give-a-way! We Knot Sew Shabby girls are honored to help her out with the prize. If you go to our ETSY store here you can see how popular that prize is, what activities are on each page, more photos, and the awesome feedback we have received about it. Also, this is a huge give-a-way. It is the most expensive thing in our shop right now, and ever, actually!

RULES to win this Quiet Book (perfect for long flights and long sacrament meetings) - see here for more photos than what's on Etsy- all I need you to do is go over to the blog A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study and leave any comment on her "Ideas?" post.

If you would like an extra chance at winning, add yourself as a follower to that blog (and let her know you did in your comment on that blog). AND if you could post about it, linking to the rules of how to enter(rules on the KnotSewShabby blog OR the Helen blog, not the Toddler's Guide Blog--as the rules are not posted on there).

WINNER: Helen will put all the names in a hat and pick one at random. Winner will be announced on the Toddler's guide blog. Competition closes Saturday 21st March at midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time - you smarties can work out for yourselves what time that will be where you live. Quiet book may have different flavoured fabric to the one pictured. Remember, once you have the basic book, you can buy extra pages (that are only $16) and add them to your Quiet Book.

Ok... now go forth and spread the word.... I really think you all will WANT to follow A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study. It has VERY good ideas and I know you will find it helpful to help your toddler's learning and knowledge of the scriptures!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

give a way and new shop coming soon!

(See bottom of this post for give-a-way to win our "ADVANCED" Quiet Book!--$60)
First off thank you Lori for the cute name idea. (check out her etsy HERE. cute aprons!) and Thanks Amy for the luck and good wishes......check out her etsy HERE.
Well, we were racking our brains one night...ALLLL NIGHT.... and asked a few people, and nothing. BUT like 3 days after we finally came up with something we sounds a little "hippie" but it isn't really intended that way. We just though it sounded cute....besides who doesn't like peace and love?!? Anyways, so sorry Lori, but by the time we got your suggestion, we already "registered" the name we have. BUT thank you so much for the cute idea, we really did have a hard time finding a cute catchy name, and I think Shabby Sacks is sooo cute, and very appropriate!

Well, so our new name is......................................................

The URL is and we are just working on getting inventory up for the shop! Stay tuned and we will let you know how it goes and when it opens!!!!!

Other than that, we have been busy-busy sewing our fingers off and working out the kinks for the new shop! It is so much fun to work on something a little different and -new! It is just like taking a break, but not!

Well, there will be a GIVE A WAY for our Quiet Book and it is going to be hosted on a newer really neat looking blog. BASICALLY all you have to do is "follow" her blog...if you need directions how to follow, ask her and she would be happy to help! It is a cute little blog with good ideas for teaching your kids! and you just have to click the button to follow the blog. CAN IT GET ANY SIMPLER THAN THAT! NOPE, I think not! So I encourage everyone to get over there.................................... I will post the link to the blog when she officially starts the give a way and we have more details, so please check back!

Thanks to you all for your support and suggestions! Have a wonderful night! Stay tuned....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Opening shop

Good Morning EVERYONE!!! Us Knot Sew Shabby girls are thinking about opening another etsy shop....(since Knot Sew Shabby pretty much turned into a baby/kids type shop.) AND because it will not be just sewing stuff, like Knot Sew Sabby! If anyone has any SUGGESTIONS for a NAME, let us know. We are pretty stumped.(oh and we may like your name, but not choose it if someone else on etsy has it.)
Here is a sneak peek of what we think we will be selling and making:
Since we have had a lot of people ask if we could do "Crayon Bags" but for adults, here is what we are thinking...........

a list taker holder type thing/daily planner

and we miss doing purses and LOVE doing appliques, so here are a few of those. (these are Becky's designs.) I didn't get any pics of mine or Leann's because we don't have them finished/close to finished.

Happy Monday! Hope your week starts off AWESOME!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have done 2 boutiques in the past and today our first swap meet. In all honesty, we didn't do soo well at any of them. BUT it gets us to build up our inventory and our etsy takes off and does awesome each time.

So from now on, for quite some time, we are not going to do any more boutiques or swap meets and just keep up with etsy. We have been doing pretty good with etsy, especially with getting SLAMMED around Christmas.

We all are still sewing and enjoying it so much. We keep trying to come up with new stuff, because we will get sick of crayon bags, and so we will rotate to the busy book. Get tired of that, and rotate to Tag-Along-Tales.

So yeah, we are still keeping busy and will try to keep you updated. We will be having another give-a-way sometime in the near future, hopefully with better luck than our "Christmas" one.

We also will be having offers and savings on here!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!