Saturday, March 14, 2009

GIVE A WAY--our biggest one yet!!!

Who wants to win our most popular item in our shop right now? We have sold many Quiet Books and I know you ALL would just LOVE to win THIS:

(read the rules here first!)

Over at HELEN'S other blog,
A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study, she is having a give-a-way! We Knot Sew Shabby girls are honored to help her out with the prize. If you go to our ETSY store here you can see how popular that prize is, what activities are on each page, more photos, and the awesome feedback we have received about it. Also, this is a huge give-a-way. It is the most expensive thing in our shop right now, and ever, actually!

RULES to win this Quiet Book (perfect for long flights and long sacrament meetings) - see here for more photos than what's on Etsy- all I need you to do is go over to the blog A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study and leave any comment on her "Ideas?" post.

If you would like an extra chance at winning, add yourself as a follower to that blog (and let her know you did in your comment on that blog). AND if you could post about it, linking to the rules of how to enter(rules on the KnotSewShabby blog OR the Helen blog, not the Toddler's Guide Blog--as the rules are not posted on there).

WINNER: Helen will put all the names in a hat and pick one at random. Winner will be announced on the Toddler's guide blog. Competition closes Saturday 21st March at midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time - you smarties can work out for yourselves what time that will be where you live. Quiet book may have different flavoured fabric to the one pictured. Remember, once you have the basic book, you can buy extra pages (that are only $16) and add them to your Quiet Book.

Ok... now go forth and spread the word.... I really think you all will WANT to follow A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study. It has VERY good ideas and I know you will find it helpful to help your toddler's learning and knowledge of the scriptures!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


Brynn said...

I love that girl blessing dress with the huge covered button flower! Way cute. I may have to buy it!

Brynn said...

...the "Jocelyn" one! Maybe you should Rename it Janae and send it to me :).....or just tell me how to make it myself! Which ever works!

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

Hello Knot Sew Shabby!!
I really think you should give Brynn the blessing dress because your family and she is so super cool and she is friends with me, need I say more, Ok I will.....
I have entered the sweet give away! I can't wait to see if I win!

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I thought it was funny that you left a comment last night around the same time I was leaving on here! Please know that you comments are never spam, How can anyone from AZ be spam?! Thank you for the comment it makes me happy!!!

Missy said...

That's awesome! And thanks for the comment on my blog telling me about this. I'll go enter!

Angie said...

Count me in. I'll do a post!

thewaites said...

That is so adorable! Count me in!!! I heard about you through Angie and I will be doing a post as well!

nuttyscrapper said...

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you very much, for your quick service on making my Son's Christening outfit. It is beautiful and just what I was after.

It arrived safely in the Land of OZ and I can't wait to see him in it on Sunday

Once again thank you very much.

Kim Nutley

Anonymous said...
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