Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween Give-A-Way

Good Evening!

It is time for the Halloween Give-A-Way....

How does this prize look? Even if you don't have children you can give this away as a gift. Little kids love them and they are great for church!

It is one of our new popular items. It is the On-The-Go Activity Crayon Bag.....
See the front covers and more pictures at OUR ETSY HERE! Choose your favorite one out of ANY from our shop. We will be adding in new ones before the give-a-way ends! It will come with 80 stickers, 1 multi-color pen, 1 pencil, box of 24 crayons, flashlight keychain, and a pad of paper.

Here are the rules....

First off you get your name entered in twice if you have boughten anything from our etsy from the very first day our etsy shop opened until the day of drawing....

Next, you get your name entered in if you leave a post on your blog mentioning our blog and the give-a-way(make sure you let us know) .....

You get once more entered for each family member, blog stalker, and friend that lets us know they entered the give-a-way because they saw it on your blog first!

Then you get your name once more entered if you comment and let us know your FAVORITE Halloween costume that you, your husband, or any of your children have ever worn, or just write down your most fun Halloween memory. (Or just leave a comment) Don't forget to leave a link or email address, soI can notify you when you win!)

Hurry up, don't wait too long! Give-a-way ends on Sunday October 5th, and we will choose the winner at random on Monday, October 6th out of a hat(or any round thing lying around that will hold them, lol.)

Good luck to all!!! Don't forget to check out our etsy!!! We have been constantly adding in new things, especially the crayon bags! They are way too fun to make, same with the busy baby book!!

♥ ♥ ♥

"Baby First Busy Book" Pictures

Welcome to our blog! This is just a BUNCH of pictures that kind of demonstrates the "Baby First Busy Book" on our etsy(Click on "More Pictures" label and there are a few more in one other post.) Posted for those who want to see more than the 5 pictures on etsy! Enjoy! (Each slightly varies because they are handmade and fabrics may be made unavailable--fabric may vary slightly!)

Tepee Page: Feel the suede texture.... (improvements--the background now is more colorful and has blue sky with clounds and vibrant green grass!)

This first picture is where you unzip the tepee and.......... Who do you see sitting inside?

Phone Page:

Pick up the phone or turn the dial to "call" someone and to see your animal friends.

Lion Page: Feel the soft fleece...

By far one of our favorite pages. This cute lion loves to play peek-a-boo.....

Your little one slides their hands into the paws and...
Plays peek-a-boo with the lion!
Boot page: See the Bright yellow boot....

Traditional "tie the shoelace page" with a little extra..... There is a frog and mouse in your boot that are finger puppets. 2 activities on one page!

Fish Page: See all these cute fishy friends!

Go fishing and try to catch the fish with the magnetic fishing rod! (improvements--the big orange fish is now very colorful and polka-dotted! Also, the water is a pocket so the fish comes 'out of the sea.')

Flower Page:

Learn how to take off buttons and put them in the pocket..... (improvement on this page--are the petals are attached to the stems so there are NO loose pieces at all, so less pick up time and no losing any pieces!!)
Also, learn to button them on!
Dog Page:

Feed and play with your puppy by putting the magnetic ball and bone in his mouth!

Spider Page:

Help the spider build a web......... and let him sit on the magnetic grass!Cute Cover!! Fabric may slightly vary!

Green Polka dot cover unavailable! But tell us if you want "boy, girl, or gender neutral"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quiet Books, Baby's First Outfit, and upgraded Activity Bags......OH MY!

Hello everyone! I am so HAPPY it is the weekend! Yay!

We have been working on trying to do some updating a lot on some of the items and to complete a little project we have been wanting to do for sometime!

First, we have designed little QUIET BOOKS that are perfect for church and home, or ANY time you need to entertain your little one and it needs to be quiet! It is a book that you can add extra pages to or switch out pages as your child gets bored of the same ones. We will sell the book with 4 pages, something on the front and back, and then we will sell extra pages seperately, something on the front and back. Check out etsy ( to see what special things are on each page and what they do!!!

Outside cover....

Next, we have received a suggestion to make our On The Go ACTIVITY BAG with trendier fabrics. Right now Becky is working on a few to add on etsy that are not so much "kid" fabric. We also have decided to raise the prices on them...

To see more pictures and how the crayons and paper fit in, visit our etsy!

Why didn't the pirate go to the movies??.... because it was rated "Aargh!!!"

Last, but NOT least, we have decided to try out BABY'S FIRST OUTFIT, because you know that the first month ALL the clothes you buy in the store just DO NOT fit. Also, you want that first photo from the hospital that you send out to your family and friends to just be PERFECT and your precious one to look so cute in an outfit that isn't 2 sizes too big! Am I right?
So far we only have one made and hope to get more made soon. We are thinking of doing some of them kind of alike, so if you have twin boy and girl, they could have cute matching twin outfits!

Well, let us know what you think! We know we can improve and love feedback. We also want to know if these are good ideas!!!

Hopefully by the end of next week, we will be finished making our give-a-way prize and will start the give-a-way, so look forward to that FOR SURE by the end of the month!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Update

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Hope your weekend goes AWESOME and hope you all had a FANTASTIC Labor Day!!! I have some exciting things that were added, and let's just say MY FINGERS are killing me now from all the appliques and buttons I sewed on! They are blistering, ouch! Lol!

I am wanting to do a HALLOWEEN give-a-way! Any ideas for the prize?? Please let me know. I was thinking of putting together a little set of Halloween stuff and then the end of this month doing the drawing!! ALL SUGGESTIONS will be very APPRECIATED!!

Here are some ADORABLE minky security blankets..............................

purses just added.............................

and CUTE Bandana Bibs for little baby boys!! (Pretend this baby is a boy, lol)

We also have upgraded the On The Go CRAYON activity bag.....and take a look on etsy because we have lowered some prices!