Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Baby First Busy Book" Pictures

Welcome to our blog! This is just a BUNCH of pictures that kind of demonstrates the "Baby First Busy Book" on our etsy(Click on "More Pictures" label and there are a few more in one other post.) Posted for those who want to see more than the 5 pictures on etsy! Enjoy! (Each slightly varies because they are handmade and fabrics may be made unavailable--fabric may vary slightly!)

Tepee Page: Feel the suede texture.... (improvements--the background now is more colorful and has blue sky with clounds and vibrant green grass!)

This first picture is where you unzip the tepee and.......... Who do you see sitting inside?

Phone Page:

Pick up the phone or turn the dial to "call" someone and to see your animal friends.

Lion Page: Feel the soft fleece...

By far one of our favorite pages. This cute lion loves to play peek-a-boo.....

Your little one slides their hands into the paws and...
Plays peek-a-boo with the lion!
Boot page: See the Bright yellow boot....

Traditional "tie the shoelace page" with a little extra..... There is a frog and mouse in your boot that are finger puppets. 2 activities on one page!

Fish Page: See all these cute fishy friends!

Go fishing and try to catch the fish with the magnetic fishing rod! (improvements--the big orange fish is now very colorful and polka-dotted! Also, the water is a pocket so the fish comes 'out of the sea.')

Flower Page:

Learn how to take off buttons and put them in the pocket..... (improvement on this page--are the petals are attached to the stems so there are NO loose pieces at all, so less pick up time and no losing any pieces!!)
Also, learn to button them on!
Dog Page:

Feed and play with your puppy by putting the magnetic ball and bone in his mouth!

Spider Page:

Help the spider build a web......... and let him sit on the magnetic grass!Cute Cover!! Fabric may slightly vary!

Green Polka dot cover unavailable! But tell us if you want "boy, girl, or gender neutral"



I totally LOVE the tepee!!
Fabulous designs :0)

Hel said...

Hi there,

I found your quiet book in the etsy shop. I am currently looking for an incentive to have readers come and check out my new blog

I am going to have all new followers of the blog entered into a competition with the prize being your Quiet book.

My questions are: would you be ok with this?
And if I were to provide links and advertisement on both my blogs would you be willing to consider providing a discount to me for the quiet book (maybe cost price or something)?

Thanks for your time!