Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Etsy Update

 Well, we have new things up!
(Cute Shopping Cart Seat cover Becky made!!!)

We also had some more sales, YAY! That is always good. Probably all thanks to the spotlight from Chicy Creations!(Check out her blog, she also is thinking of doing random give-a-ways!) Thanks a BUNCH Amy(and Laura for letting us know about her!) You both are AWESOME!! We also have some very nice and awesome customers! I wasn't sure about etsy and how people would react, and if they would be nice, like the stuff,  or what. BUT our customers so far have been so great to work with and very fast with payments and very nice and supportive!! Thank you!

Well, other news, Etsy has taken over our lives. It is so addicting! Always trying to come up with new, fun things, although it seems like our mom comes up with all the ideas that are selling! I think everyday she "quits" etsy, and then a few hours later, is coming up with more ideas and making more things, lol.  She does such an awesome job and we love her quality work she puts into the blessing gowns and outfits! She is awesome! Maybe someday we can be awesome at sewing like her!

Well, take a look at our etsy, we added some new things! Leann has been taking a break from beanies and working on Scrabble and Rummikub Necklace pendants.

Here are the Pacifier clips! I bought the stuff, told my mom an idea, and when I woke up the next morning, my mom made that idea way better, and had these cute ones made(and in 3D)

Then Becky had a good idea to add cards and embellishments, and kind of incorporate our scrapbooking into etsy...and here is some of what we have so far.....


If there is anything you are interested in, but want differently, let us know. We are open to all suggestions! OR if you aren't interested, but see some really good things you think we will like to make, let us know!!

Thank you
everyone! Have a wonderful night! (and weekend, in case we don't update the blog until next week!)


Laura Blue said...

i am always surprised when i see your name on my google reader and think "something new already?" but i don't know why i get so surprised cuz you guys are the best at this kind of thing. you guys really are on a roll and i can tell that you are excited and have lots of energy for it. keep it up. i want someone to get pregnant so i have a reason to buy something. i do need to get a pendant from lanny though. i'm going to look at etsy now. but let her know i want the volcom one!

Chicy-Creations said...

Yay for all the sales! that makes me so happy! you guys rock! I'm still saving up for that shopping cart cover!