Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's see who won :)

Okay, so on it gave me #11 for the crayon bag....
Comment #11 is.................. Amy!!! Congratulations Amy on winning the crayon bag! I will contact you with the info/details!

Now for the PeaceLoveNPolkaDots Purse winner.................#10.......
Comment #10 is................Jen!!! Congratulations!!! I will contact you also with the details/info!

THANKS to you all that participated :) Remember you can still get 10% off tomorrow at the boutique for purses(just mention the give a way) and 30% off all the crayon bags!

This give-a-way didn't get as great of a turnout as hoped for, but maybe because it was less than a week and we haven't kept up on our blogging. In the future we will maybe do it for 2 weeks! Who knows?? We will hopefully have another give-a-way in the next few months!

Thanks again and hope you all have a Happy Easter!!


~Jeff and Elle~ said...

Hey Kelsie, thank you for your sweet comment. It does help to hear other stories cause we had been trying for a bit, but I know other girls who have tried longer. I am thankful for the time we did have to wait cause now I am more thankful for the opportunity to be a Mom! :) And had it happened quicker I don't think I would have fully understood what a miracle was. I will def come back and buy a crayon bag! :)

Amy said...

Hi :) I'm the winner of the crayon bag (YAY!) but I didn't leave my email address on my comment. It's suzysetter(at)cox(dot)net

Thank you sooooo much!!